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Religion in the modern world

2017 Dec 08

“Religion in the modern word” is a new series of academic articles that treats different topical issues related to Islam. Each collection of articles is edited by a contemporary Russian scholar, who is an expert in the matter.

Currenly the series include four books: “Feminology issues” (edited by a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the Indian philology department E.O.Akimushkina), “Topical questions of family education” (edited by the academic vice-president of the Moscow Islamic University R.R. Izmaylov), “Islam and Modernism” (edited by Doctor of Philosophy, leading research worker of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences E.A. Frolova), Islamic religious education in Germany: challenges, solutions, new horizons (new work by Petr Kazaku, an Orthodox Christian scholar and researcher of Islam, edited by Yu.A. Averyanov, senior research worker of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies).



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