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Morteza Motahhari – a thinker of action

2019 Nov 22


Morteza Motahhari (1920–1979) was one of the most outstanding philosophers in the Iran of the 20th century. He combined deep wisdom, philosophical mentality, comprehensive knowledge of human sciences and an innovative approach towards the religion, which allowed him to move beyond a theoretic rhetoric and become a true thinker of action.

This book contains the most interesting excerpts of M.Motahhari works published in Russian. These works deal with the most important challenges of the Iranian society of the day, that is the correlation of religious and national identity of the Iranians, establishing the principles of the Islamic ideology, the legal status of women in Islam, the Islamic ideal of a perfect human and interaction between science and faith in the context of Islam. The book comprises an introduction written by Matem Al-Janabi, PhD in Philosophy, professor of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

For general audience.


Morteza Motahhari – a thinker of action / translated from Persian by B.V. Norik; edited by М.М. Al-Janabi. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2020. – 376 p. – (Islam: classics and modernity).